During review tests, we advise students to be strictly honest in their own interest. However, if any student is found copying from his/her neighbour he/she will be terminated without any excuse.We do not appreciate students missing any class or test without our prior permission. Students must be punctual and disciplined.The tutorial sheets and any other study material are for the use of our students only. It shall not be redistributed, loaned or copied. If a student is found indulging in any such activities, misbehaving, being indisciplined or disobedient etc., he / she will be terminated. Our decision in such cases is final.We reserve the right to delete any course and deny for admission without assigning any reason.The student must keep the study schedule on top most priority.Medium of teaching will normally be in English, and all the test and course literature etc. will be in English only.

Course Fee, mode of payment and other details will be informed immediately after receipt of completed application form, depending upon the course offered.

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